By Joseph Barrios

Arizona Daily Wildcat

The ASUA Supreme Court ruled last night that guidelines must be changed for next year's student government elections..

The decision came last night as part of an arbitrary hearing ruled by Scott B. Bernstein, chief justice of the Associated Students of the University of Arizona Supreme Court.

About 25 people attended the hearing in the College of Law building.

The hearing stemmed from an ASUA election appeal submitted by Sen. Jason Wong, a political science and engineering senior and former presidential candidate.

Wong appealed the results of the second presidential election because he said the Interfraternity Council and Panhellenic Association violated elections codes in their endorsement of fellow candidate T.J. Trujillo, now the ASUA president.

During the presidential election, these leaders of the greek community shuttled students to the polls and distributed fliers saying Wong favored a proposal barring greek chapters from ASUA funding.

The fliers stated that Wong felt funding greek chapters would be similar to funding the Ku Klux Klan. He said the fliers damaged his reputation.

"Everything I've done for student government in the past two years is down the drain," Wong said.

He said he did not compare fraternities and sororities to racist organizations. He also said he thinks greek chapters should receive ASUA funds, but in a process different from other campus organizations.

Last night, the court barred the IFC and Panhellenic from organizing shuttles and ruled that the ASUA Elections Commission must rewrite elections guidelines so they cover campus organizations that do not fall under ASUA jurisdiction, like IFC and Panhellenic.

The court also ordered the two groups to publish two quarter-page advertisements with a let- ter of apology to Wong in next week's Arizona Daily Wildcat.

Israel Ramirez, Wong's lawyer, called for the resignation of Dan Cunningham, IFC president, and Vicki Sjong, Panhellenic president. But both students said they have no plans to resign.

Bernstein also denied Ramirez's request for IFC and Panhellenic to donate $5,000 to the Tucson Community Food Bank.

Trujillo, who attended part of the hearing, reaffirmed he was not involved with the production of the fliers and said he will make sure to change the elections guidelines next year.

He added that he thought the appeals process had been harmful because it delayed the transition process for student officers next year. Read Next Article