Streak the U of A Mall naked.

Amanda Hoelter

Undeclared Freshman

I wanted to climb up the clock tower and talk to Abel Duffy.

Charles Wilson

Economics Freshman

Smoke pot in front of the police station.

Mike Twineham

Music Senior

Letting the animals out of the places where they test animals. I'm for animal rights, but I've always feared going into the places to set them free.

Davina Cowan

Photography Sophomore

Steal underwear from Victoria's Secret.

Sarah Fey

Exercise and Sports Science Sophomore

Go into the DMV and get a fake ID.

Bonnie Proll

Speech and Hearing


Drink and drive. I have a jeep and I usually like to take off to the desert, but you can't have any beers when you do that.

Rob Huzn

Electrical Engineering Junior

Use somebody else's credit card and totally max it out.

Jennifer Grgurich

Exercise and Sports Science Freshman

I'd like to hit a bucket of golf balls on the Mall towards the Administration building. I'd use a four-iron club, of course.

Brian Murphy

Media Arts Junior

Compiled by Norman Peckham. Photos by Randi Lynn Kirschner. Read Next Article