By Kim Cota-Robles

Arizona Daily Wildcat

It has been a rough week.

While a better part of the student body whirled high above the McKale lawn on rollercoasters and shrieked in enjoyment last weekend at Spring Fling, the Arizona men's tennis team was on a downhill ride it couldn't get off.

Arizona (8-9 overall, 2-7 in the Pac-10 South) became just another statistic when it Stan-ford lost last Friday, and at the time, left the Cardinal as the nation's only unbeaten team.

Cal took its toll the next day. Only Jan Anderson and Chris Jenkins came away from Berkeley with victories.

But with the Rolex Collegiate Rankings released earlier this week, the Wildcats sit in a spot that looked a little out of reach less than a week ago.

Stanford suffered its first loss of the season since Friday, knocking it into the second spot and hoisting Southern Cal (15-1), to the top of the rankings.

The Wildcats took 11 steps, jumping to the No. 26 spot in the rankings. Arizona State fell two positions since the last rankings, and now sits just behind Arizona. A 10th of a point separates the rivals.

The two will face each other today in Arizona's final dual match of the season in Tempe.

"This match is huge," UA coach Bill Wright said. "If we can win this one, we should be able to move on to the Region 8 playoff."

The Sun Devils (8-10, 0-9) boast the fourth-ranked singles player, Sergis Sargsian.

Sargsian also comprises half of the second-ranked doubles team, which also features Peter Jeschke.

Anderson (20-7, 13-4) is ranked eighth.