This is in response to the anal-retentive response (letter, April 13) to Kerry Lengel's article on Kurt Cobain. I'm sure arguments will come and go on the issue of his death, but the bottom line, Mr. Gold, is that to compare Kurt Cobain to Morrison, Hendrix, and especially Lennon is like comparing Barney to the now-immortal Big Bird. You wrote that "he was a man who promoted equal rights for the oppressed." Did he do this promoting before or after sticking those needles in his arms? The oppressed that you spoke of are now his wife and child that the selfish bastard left behind. Lennon's legacy began in the '50s and is still going today. Ten years from now people will say, "Kurt Cobain? Oh, you mean that jerky drug addict who sang 'Rape Me' and then shot himself?" Being a graduate student, I would think you'd gradually learn to distinguish greatness from selfishness and stupidity.

Nick Summers

English Major

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