By Kristen Pownall

Arizona Daily Wildcat

A UA student was arrested Wednesday night on charges of assault and threats and intimidation after she allegedly burst into another student's room at Apache-Santa Cruz Residence Hall, pulled the student's hair and told him she was going to "kill" him.

Julie A. Robb, 18, a resident of the hall, was arrested after another student told police Robb burst into his room at about 1 a.m. Sunday morning, woke him up and assaulted him.

According to the student, Robb came into his room while he slept and began yelling at him that if he did not leave his ex-girlfriend alone, she would "kill" him. The student said Robb also pulled his hair while she yelled, police said. According to a friend of the student, Robb entered the student's room with another female who was carrying mace and handcuffs, although the student did not see the second woman in his room.

The student was unsure whether he wanted to press charges and said he would call police when he decided. Later Wednesday night, the student told police he would press charges.

Police met with Robb at the hall and asked if they could speak with her about the incident. Robb agreed to answer questions, police said.

Robb admitted to entering the student's room with another friend who would "hold her back" if she got too mad at the other student. She admitted to "slapping" him a few times to wake him up and said she grabbed his hair to turn him towards her, because the student woke up and then turned away from her, police said.

When asked if she threatened him, Robb said "I was mad, so when I get mad I just kind of black out," police said. Robb admitted voluntarily that her friend brought mace into the student's room, police said.

Robb told police she threatened the student once before, telling him she was "going to throw pieces of him around the entire dorm," police said.

Police asked Robb if she went in the room to confront the student and she said "Yes, I went to confront him, I was mad!" police said.

Robb was then arrested on charges of assault and threats and intimidation. She was cited and released.

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