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LOS ANGELES TV star Roseanne Arnold filed for divorce yesterday from her husband, Tom, a spokeswoman said.

Papers were filed yesterday morning for Mrs. Arnold, who was out of town, said publicist Jennifer Allen.

The star of the ABC comedy "Roseanne" took the action three days after a shouting match reportedly erupted Friday between the couple on the set of her series. The argument was reported by the trade papers Daily Variety and the Hollywood Reporter.

Tom Arnold is executive producer of "Roseanne" and also stars in his own sitcom, "Tom," on CBS. Allen, of PMK public relations, which also represents Arnold, said they had no comment from him.

The couple were married in January 1990.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Arnolds argued over the parameters of a three-way "marriage" to the couple's assistant, Kim Silva. The Arnolds have described the "marriage" as a publicity prank.

Mrs. Arnold fired Silva and changed the locks to the door of the couple's production office, the publications said.

The Hollywood Reporter said Mrs. Arnold also posted a security guard outside to the couple's Brentwood home. Daily Variety said she stationed a guard outside Arnold's office.

"Roseanne" taped the season's final episode on Thursday and the events did not affect taping of a pilot of "Cherry Street South of Main," a new show produced by the Arnolds, the publications said.

Arnold's series, "Tom," still has four episodes to tape this year. Mrs. Arnold is the show's executive producer, but the Hollywood Reporter said her involvement in the show is minimal.

Mrs. Arnold didn't make a scheduled appearance on a local television news broadcast today. Daily Variety reported that she planned to travel to Europe on vacation. Read Next Article