By Kristen Pownall

Arizona Daily Wildcat

A 20-year-old man was arrested on charges of minor possession of spirituous liquor and possession of drug paraphernalia after police received reports of two men arguing and drinking in public in the south parking lot near Apache-Santa Cruz Hall Tuesday night.

Anthony S. Williams, of the 10500 block of East Tanque Verde Road, was arrested after police saw him yelling and running after another male near the residence hall.

Police saw Williams yelling and waving his arms at a dark-haired man who was walking away from him. Williams kept running after the man and police heard the man say "Just leave me alone!"

Williams became "very belligerent" when police asked to speak with him. The other man was cooperative and told police he was waiting for his girlfriend, a resident of the hall, when Williams approached and wanted to argue with him.

The man said he was trying to get away from Williams, who "just tagged along" with him to wait for his girlfriend.

During a routine license check, police found Williams' driver's license was suspended. Police also noticed a strong smell of alcohol coming from his person.

An officer found a beer bottle from which he said he saw Williams drink, police said.

During a routine pat-down, Williams began yelling "I have needles in my socks! Don't stick yourself!" police said. Police then found a small pipe of the sort commonly used to smoke marijuana in his front pants pocket.

Williams began yelling at the other man, who was leaving the scene, saying "I'm gonna kick your ass!" police said. Williams then started yelling racial slurs about Hispanics and began insulting the law enforcement profession, police said. Police decided to take Williams to UAPD to complete the investigation.

At the police station, Williams refused to give police a name and phone number of a person to contact. He then said he "remembered" a number, but refused to tell police who to ask for at the number, police said.

Williams was booked into Pima County Jail.

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