Editor: As a member of this generation, I feel a deep sense of regret that we are being measured by the likes of Kurt Cobain and his rock group Nirvana. This letter is in response to Benedetto L. Bettelli's letter (April 15) and related stories. To put an end to all debate, neither John Lennon nor Kurt Cobain are heroes, nor are they the "voice of a generation." To put musicians on such a lofty pedestal only takes away from the rest of society who actually engage in meaningful work.

If Nirvana is "one of the most important bands of our generation," then I want a one-way ride in Marty McFly's DeLorean, because this is definitely not a generation I want to be part of. I don't want to trample on a man's grave, and I don't believe I am when I state that Nirvana's music was entertaining, not life affirming. I certainly do not profess to have the wisdom to know who the most important band of our generation is (if there is such a distinction), but I am rational and self-confident enough to know that I will not put my generation's belief systems on the shoulders of a heroin addict whose only cure was a one-step program.

I think we as a society will be much better off when we begin to spend less time debating who qualifies as a hero and spend more time trying to become one.

J.W. Gasey

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