By Kristen Pownall

Arizona Daily Wildcat

A UA student told police that an unknown person fired two shots at him from a car as the student sat on the steps of an office at 1690 N. Warren Drive Wednesday night.

The student told police he was sitting on the steps waiting for a ride around 5 p.m. when a maroon Honda Accord filled with about four white males drove by, police said.

A passenger in the back seat called the student "stupid ass" and threw two eggs at him, police said. The student yelled that he had the car's license plate number, went into the office where he works and wrote down the number.

A few minutes later, the car drove by again, northbound on Warren. The same blond-haired man yelled at the student and threw another egg at him.

The student said he then "foolishly" ran after the car as it sped off, eastbound on Ring Road, and motioned for them to come back. The car stopped and the student saw someone in the front passenger seat point a black revolver out the window at him, police said.

The student said he "took cover" behind a building on the southeast corner of Ring and Warren as he heard "two distinct pops" which sounded like they came from a small-caliber weapon, police said.

The occupants of the car were white, "college age" males, the student told police. Police searched the area for the car, but were unsuccessful, police said. Police traced the license number to an owner on the northeast side of town, but have yet to investigate the address.

No futher suspect information was available and there were no witnesses, police said.


A UA student told police her ex-roommate and her ex-roommate's boyfriend assaulted her Tuesday night in the parking lot of Corleone Apartments, 1330 N. Park Ave.

The student said her roomate had moved out, but was collecting some of her belongings from the apartment. The student told police she asked her roommate for the key to the apartment, but the roommate refused, saying she would give the key to Residence Life when she checked out.

The student then followed her roomate and the boyfriend out to their car, insisting she return the key. According to the student, her roommate then pointed a can of mace at her.

The student proceeded forward and said the roommate sprayed mace in her face. The student continued toward the two people and said she was punched by her roommate and her roommate's boyfriend, police said.

According to police, the student showed no visible bruising but had a red mark under her left ear, a scratch on her right arm and mace on her shirt.

When police spoke with the student's former roommate, she said she "feared" the student. Her boyfriend also told police the student had a "crazed, glassy look" in her eyes and he admitted to pushing the student away from his girlfriend, but said he never punched her.

Neither party wanted to pursue the matter and no charges were filed.

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