By Rob M. Gooze‚

Arizona Daily Wildcat

TEMPE Ä Hordes of "comfortably numb" Pink Floyd fans packed Sun Devil Stadium to witness their band in all its audio and visual glory. Sunday night's concert in Tempe was the latest in the band's current North American tour and from the sights and smells of things, this concert clearly did not disappoint the masses.

Computer controlled lasers, multi color cel spotlights, circular movie screen, fireball launchers, message-displaying floor lights and a backdrop of gelatinous, oozing swirls may sound like the latest options on the new Sonic game, but they're actually just a few of the options found on Pink Floyd's monstrous stage.

And like an old Saturn V moon rocket, an ominous platinum-colored half dome accompanied by an extensive space-frame speaker system hinted at the massive blast of decibels to come.

The lights finally came down when opening guitar riffs to "Astronomy Domine" rose from the darkness. Since the concert lasts nearly two and a half hours, the show had to be divided into two parts.

The first focused on the band's more recent material from Momentary Lapse of Reason's "One Slip," "Learning to Fly," "On the Turning Away," and the guitar screaming solo on "Sorrow." New and slightly less commercial songs from the new Division Bell album were worthy set refreshers.

David Gilmour's guitar opus led to the first-half finale complete with giant, inflatable swine rocking high atop both sides of the stage dome. The giant boars frolicked with beaming car headlight eyes.

As a 15 minute intermission quieted things for awhile, constant breezes of green leafy substances from a primarily bring-your-own-bongs crowd hung like a curtain on the stadium. With the "green" cloud persisting in varying intensity throughout the concert, it came as no surprise that one of the loudest ovations during the concert came when the viewscreen showed a video of an old man smoking a giant joint.

The music resumed to honor the band's timeless work of the '70s including such icons as "Money," "Shine On You Crazy Diamond," and "Wish You Were Here," which proved the greatest fan pleaser, with a sell-out crowd joining in the song's chorus.

Oddly, The Division Bell's "Keep Talking" was also included in the concert's exclusive "greatest hits" second half. While by no means a ground-breaking song, "Division Bell" did encapsulate at least some of the ethereal quality of Pink Floyd's music missing in recent years.

The poignantly-staged "Another Brick In The Wall" emblazoned the stage in a fury of steam and flood lights.

As if the green cloud over Sun Devil Stadium wasn't enough, Pink Floyd closed the concert with "Comfortably Numb." At the song's end a giant disco ball rose from a covered trailer on the football field, spinning strobe and sequin lights at a dizzying rate.

Visual and audio interactive entertainment is Pink Floyd's forte, and despite the afternoon dust storms (and poor air quality caused by green leafy substances), the "king of all concerts" continues to shine on. Read Next Article