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PHOENIX — Mail won't be delivered and most federal offices will be closed today in mourning for Richard Nixon, but Arizona's state government isn't shutting down to mark the funeral of the nation's 37th president.

Flags are flying at half-staf, but like many states, Arizona isn't closing for the national "day of mourning" declared by President Clinton, said Doug Cole, spokesman for Gov. Fife Symington.

The Navajo Nation is closing its government offices for the day, President Peterson Zah announced.

Among the federal attractions to close will be tours at Hoover Dam. Grand Canyon National Park visitor facilities will remain open, as they are 365 days a year, but some staff will be given the day off, said spokesman Jim Tuck.

Mail delivery and post office window services will be suspended, but express mail and special delivery will go on, the Postal Service said. Read Next Article