The Communication Department and all the departments they're cutting out. It's screwing a lot of people. Also, RSVP ends the day that school starts now. The day that class starts you can't call RSVP and I almost went home after I didn't get the classes I wanted.

Kimberly Daly

Psychology Sophomore

I think it would have to be that there needs to be more female professors at the university.

Michelle Pezold

Pre-Med Senior

The elimination of OMSA is a bad thing, but the establishment of a hall for Native American students was positive.

Dana Newell

Higher Education

Graduate Student

I'd have to say the fact that people are voicing their opinions on the program cuts. I think that's good. We should be the ones stating how we feel. We're paying for it.

Jon Boffa

Media Arts Sophomore

The state government has continued to not support education, even though we thought it would get better.

Margaret Glover

Undergraduate Senator

Religious Studies/Art History Senior

The U of A cut 250 old-growth trees on Mt. Graham.

Naomi Mudge

Undergraduate Senator

Religous Studies/Art History Senior

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