I feel I must speak out against the seniors who are moaning because they are being forced to register last for the second consecutive semester due to a mistake in the Fall 1994 Schedule of Classes. They are merely echoing the same complaint we hear day in and day out at this university: whenever an error is made at the Administration building, the students are forced to pay the consequences.

What these whiners fail to comprehend is that this is actually one more step in our educational process. The people responsible for proofreading the schedule before tens of thousands of copies are printed and distributed are helping to teach us life's most valuable lesson: you can fight money, you can fight influence, you can even fight immorality, but you will always be powerless against raw stupidity.

My student ID number puts me among the chosen few who get to learn this lesson again this semester, and I will count myself lucky when the brand-new computer voice repeatedly informs me that the class I have requested is full, and no other sections of that class are available. If I'm really lucky, I'll be forced to pay for summer school. That doesn't bother me at all, because if you factor in ASUA, this university has one of the highest ratios of bonehead decisions per tuition dollar in the entire nation. So quit complaining and be grateful that you will have one more semester to learn life's most valuable lesson over and over and over again.

Shane Ham

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