By Kristen Pownall

Arizona Daily Wildcat

A handicapped UA student told police a woman assaulted him with her car as she backed into his wheelchair Monday afternoon.

The student told police he and a friend had just finished working out at the Student Recreation Center and were approaching their cars in the parking lot west of the Rec Center.

The student noticed a white Chevrolet Camaro parked behind the handicapped spaces in a way that blocked access to the student's car, police said.

Several moments later, a woman delivering newspapers to the center said the Camaro was hers and apologized to the student for blocking his car, police said.

The student asked the woman if he could speak with her for a moment, but she told him she was in a hurry, and got into her car. The student said he tried to approach her car door but his wheelchair was unable to fit between the vehicles, police said.

The woman then told the student to move or she would run him over, police said. The student said he refused to move and the woman began revving her engine. She then backed her car into the student, her bumper catching the inner wheel of the wheelchair, police said.

The woman used her car to push the student sideways about six to eight inches, he told police. The woman then pulled forward and waited for the student to get out of the way before leaving the parking lot, police said.

The student gave police the license plate number, but efforts to contact the woman were unsuccessful.

The student told police he would be willing to prosecute if the woman is found.

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