By Norman Peckham

Arizona Daily Wildcat

The Student Publications Board has chosen next year's editors for the Arizona Daily Wildcat and its summer counterpart.

Sarah Garrecht, a University of Arizona journalism junior who currently serves as the Wildcat's arts editor, will be next year's editor-in-chief of the daily edition.

And Adam Hartmann, a post-baccalaureate journalism student and current news reporter, will be the editor-in-chief of the Arizona Summer Wildcat.

"I think that next year is going to be a very good year," Garrecht said.

Although Garrecht said the Wildcat will be "running on course," she said she wants to make some changes to the newspaper.

"I want to try to make the paper and staff a little more diverse," she said.

Garrecht also said she wants reporters to be assigned to stories on different parts of the paper rather than stories occuring in just one area.

Allowing reporters to pursue stories on different issues will give them experience with different kinds of editing and reporting styles, she said.

"I want to make (working at the Wildcat) more of an educational experience," Garrecht said.

The Summer Wildcat will start its weekly publication on June 6..

"It's an exciting opportunity," Hartmann said of the position.

Hartmann said he also has some changes in mind for the Summer Wildcat.

"I think the paper needs a new direction," he said. "It needs new ideas and I think I'm the person to implement those ideas."

Changes under Hartmann's leadership might include an advice column, more guest columns and less of an emphasis on "administration news."

"The paper will have a different focus," he said. "It will be more in touch with students. I want to make the paper something that students want to pick up."

Garrecht was selected out of three candidates who applied for editor of the daily paper and Hartmann was selected out of two candidates who applied for summer editor, said Alexa Haussler, the Wildcat's current editor-in-chief.

Voting members of the publications board include five UA students, a journalism professor, a marketing professor, an administrator appointed by President Manuel T. Pacheco and the former editor of the Desert Yearbook. Read Next Article