By Kristen Pownall

Arizona Daily Wildcat

A UA employee reported a woman acting strangely and making "awkward" purchases totaling $400 at the Wildcat Gift Store in Park Center, 601 N. Park Ave., on Tuesday afternoon.

Police arrived at the store and asked the woman if they could speak with her before she purchased the items. She agreed and walked out of the store with the officer, falsely introducing herself as a member of the Arizona Board of Regents, police said.

During her conversation with police, the woman claimed she was with the F.B.I., police said. After some time, she "reluctantly" told police she was manic-depressive, police said.

When asked why she was buying so many things at the store, the woman said she changed her mind about buying the items and was going to catch a bus, police said. She asked if police would escort her to the bus stop, police said.

While police walked the woman to the bus stop, she claimed she was also George Bush's granddaughter.

The woman got on the bus without incident.


An employee of an archeological company reported damage and vandalism at an archeological site at Prince Farms, 2850 N. Freeway, sometime between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning

The man told police he noticed the damage while conducting a routine check at the excavation site. In one excavation pit, the police noticed two sets of footprints and one set of hand prints, police said.

Another pit had been dug up and the dirt had been piled back into the holes, police said. Police noticed the same two sets of footprints around the dug area. The man was unsure if any artifacts were taken.

The man told police that on Tuesday afternoon, two individuals in a red sedan drove up to the excavation site. After seeing people at work, the individuals drove away, police said.

Police have no suspects.

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