For the past five months I've had the displeasure of having to use the library facilities. I cannot remain silent any longer about the absolute insolence of almost all the workers (student and administration). I have never had a library aide smile and ask, "May (not Can) I help you?" Thursday I had to check out material from the Reserve Book room. The aide was working on her homework, and as soon as she saw me, she began checking in books and kept me waiting for five mintues. She then rudely asked if she could help me. Like a fool, I smiled and asked if I could have a certain packet. She returned and said, "Your ID," which was placed in front of her at the time. I turned to go with the packet when she called out to me, "You're welcome." I turned and thanked her (adding an offensive adjective). What irritated me the most was the fact that she expected me to show manners after she had displayed absolutely none towards me. I am absolutely disgusted with having to put up with rude library aides who make me feel like an idiot when I do get up the nerve to ask a question on how to use SABIO or any other question.

After this wonderful experience, I had to go to Pima Community College to register for summer school. I thought I had landed on the the moon. Everyone, and I mean everyone, was polite, had a smile, thanked me and wished me a nice day. It didn't seem to require a whole lot of effort. Maybe prospective aides could take a course at Pima on the use of proper manners. All of these library aides should look for a career at the post office or DMV they certainly possess the right attitude for working with the public.

I am tired of aides carrying on conversations about who dated whom the night before while I am being served. I feel rude when I interrupt them to ask a question.

Also, does the UA library have an inter-library loan system or not? One student I spoke to said she'd gone to NAU to check out books (they actually have books where they're supposed to be) and spoke to an aide (who was polite) and was told she could return the books to the UA library with no problem. When the student tried to do this, she was told she must have spoken to someone who's unfamiliar with UA library policy. Now this student's boyfriend has to drive to Tucson, pick up the books and return them to Flagstaff.

I am not the only student offended by the library aide's behavior; most of the students, friends and relatives I've spoken to have had a bad experience with the UA library workers. This has to stop. Regardless of library aides' menial jobs and pay, the patrons deserve to be treated with a little respect; sarcasm, rudeness and belittlement are totally unnecessary.

Sandra Fuller

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