By Kimberly Peterson

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Students at the UA College of Nursing will have a chance to study health care this summer — between trips to Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.

On May 14, nine University of Arizona nursing students will embark on a three-week visit to London to take a class on international health care.

The class will be taught by Suzanne Van Ort, dean of the University of Arizona College of Nursing, and Anne Woodtli, associate dean for service at the nursing school.

The purpose of the course, titled Comparative Health Systems 400, is to analyze and compare health care systems in the United Kingdom and the United States, Woodtli said.

"We're very excited," Woodtli said. “It’s the first time that we at the college have embarked on an international experience with students. This is particularly timely at this point because of the health care reforms projected to go on in our country.”

The course is part of an exchange program that Van Ort set up between the University of Westminster and the UA, Woodtli said. In the future, nursing students from the University of Westminster may travel to Tucson to learn about health care.

In addition to the nine students, two nurses from the Tucson community are set to take the course, Woodtli said. The students will be in class all morning and do clinical work in the afternoon.

The trip will cost students $2300 in addition to airfare, Woodtli said. The cost includes tuition, lodging and some meals.

"I think it's a wonderful opportunity to expand our knowledge of health care systems,” said Deborah Klaas, a second-year doctoral student who will be taking the class. “We have got a lot to offer others and also learn from others. It should broaden perspectives all around.”

Each student will also be assigned a mentor during the course, Woodtli said. The mentors will probably be nurses or health care personnel working in the British community.

The health care system in the United Kingdom is nationalized, unlike the United States’ private system, Woodtli said.

"The students will be expected to analyze the health care systems in the United Kingdom and at the same time analyze our own and compare them,” Woodtli said. “Students will also be meeting their own individual objectives.” Read Next Article