We would like to commend those students who have devoted their time, energy, creativity and talents to student government at the University of Arizona during the past year. Their work in ASUA has benefited all who are affiliated with the university. Some of the higher-profile services/events sponsored by ASUA include funding for clubs, the Student Showcase and Spring Fling. In addition, ASUA champions student interests at the university, state and national levels. With the changes currently taking place at universities across the nation, strong representation for student interests is more important now than it has ever been.

We have been impressed by the caliber of the students who are involved in ASUA. Many of these students will either graduate this semester or have chosen not to seek re-election. We wish these men and women the best in their future endeavors and encourage them to continue to use their leadership abilities for the benefit of others. We also encourage more students to become involved in student government. Active student participation in ASUA is the key to strong student representation.

Steven L. Dvorak

Assistant Professor

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Jeffery L. Warburton

Associate Professor

Theater Arts

Faculty Representatives to the

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