By K.C. Conner

Arizona Daily Wildcat

We are suppose to see ourselves in the new comedy “PCU” and lighten up, but this movie gives us no better alternative than to become mindless, partying twits.

"PCU" is the story of one weekend in the life of the fictional Port Chester University. This particular weekend, prospective freshman Tom Lawrence (Chris Young) comes to check out the campus and gets buddied up with a “party animal” upperclassman buddy named Droz (Jeremy Piven) from the wildest fraternity house turned commune, co-ed, co-op on campus, affectionally known as “The Pit.” t

In the course of the course of the movie the viewer sees Droz throw meat on vegetarian protesters, try to come on to militant feminists and lock the school’s board of trustees into a room with “The Club,” forcing them to listen to that disco era favorite “Afternoon Delight,” preprogrammed on a CD payer for ninety-nine repetitions. They jump out of windows as result. Wouldn’'t you?

The writers explain away Jeremy Piven's (“Judgement Night”) middle-aged build and receding hair line as the result of being an undergrad for seven years. That could happen.

As one would expect, in the course of the movie no one seems to go to class. They are all out watching Ultimate Frisbee tournaments which have replaced competitive contact sports at PCU.

"PCU" is truly funny in parts, but the jokes are cheap and easy, and the movie’s simple, stupid, one-linerish premise doesn’t go anywhere. As a result the movie is filled with moronic chase scenes and bags on any group easy to parody. From the hippy vegetarians with automatic pop-up picket signs for quick protests, to elitist, preppy fraternity boys to any other type of “Causeheads,” no one group is sacred.

In this film everyone is a jerk except, our grungy group of heroes from “The Pit,” and Tom, who they have taken in as one of their own. They have all the answers: be young, have fun.

The gang just wants to have a good time, and keep their house against the wishes of the college’s ultra PC president Ms. Garcia-Thompson (Jessica Walter). So what do they do? They throw a ragin’ party and the campus finally comes together and in all the heady fun they forget their animosity for one another, vowing to protest no more.

"PCU" is yet another nail in the coffin of student political activism, that says only dorks protest, apathy is cool. Very cynical and hip, this film tells students it’s O.K. to sit in front of the T.V. throughout your college career and “veg.” In the words of our hero Droz at PCU “you can major in GameBoy, if you know how to bullshit.”

"PCU" is playing at Century Gateway Cinemas (792-9000). Read Next Article