By Kristen Pownall

Arizona Daily Wildcat

A UA employee reported criminal damage to several bathrooms in the Student Union sometime between Friday and Monday morning.

The employee found the vandalism in a first floor men's bathroom and the second floor men's bathroom near the U.S.S. Memorial, police said.

In the first floor bathroom, an unknown person defaced two walls by writing anti-Semitic slogans in black marker and shoe scuffs, police said.

In the second floor restroom, similar markings were found on a wall, police said.

UA Physical Resources will paint over the damage, police said.

Police listed the vandalism as a hate crime.


A 19-year-old UA student reported the theft of his false Arizona driver's license and a Sega Genesis video game sometime between March 25 and Monday afternoon.

The student told police he let his friend borrow the fake ID last week. After not hearing from his friend for several days, the student went to his friend's dorm room at Apache-Santa Cruz to retrieve the ID, police said.

When asked where the license was, the student's friend said it was confiscated by a bouncer at the Wild Wild West, 4385 W. Ina Road, police said. The student demanded his friend reimburse him for the cost of the fake license, about $40, police said.

While arguing with his friend, the student saw a broken video game in a trash can that the student recognized as his own, police said. The friend admitted the game belonged to the student and said he was sorry he broke it, police said.

The student told police a "shouting match" ensued and the student decided instead of fighting, he would file a report with police, police said.

The student said he is willing to prosecute for the video game because he never gave his friend permission to use it, police said. Police were unable to contact the other student.

No further information was available.

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