Sophomore hospitalized after crash

By Trigie Ealey

Special to the Arizona Daily Wildcat

A UA student was injured yesterday after colliding with a car behind the Education building.

Kyle Starkey, who was traveling eastbound on the three lane one-way section of Second Street on his Honda motorcycle, was injured when he attempted to pass a 1995 Saturn wagon on the left, as it turned left onto Vine Avenue, UA police officer Wes Brittain said.

Starkey, an engineering and mines sophomore, ran directly into the driver's side of the car, throwing glass more than 10 feet onto the sidewalk.

Starkey was taken by ambulance to University of Arizona Health Sciences Center for treatment of lacerations to his arms, hands, nose, head and possible broken bones, Brittain said.

"The bones were exposed on one of his hands," he said.

The driver of the car, Fred McGeagh, sustained cuts to his face and left arm from the shattered driver's side window.

McGeagh, who was on campus to pick up his wife said he knew he was going to be hit.

"I knew what was happening," McGeagh said. "I was not in shock, but I might go home and throw up."

Starkey's classmate Scott Sack watched the accident from outside the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority house, 1435 E. 2nd St.

"I only know him by his first name," Sack said. "He was going real fast and I thought 'Hey, I know him. He's going to crash.'"

Starkey, who was not wearing a helmet, was to be cited for speeding, said Tucson police officer Tony Cox.

No further information about Starkey's condition was available.

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