Women's lacrosse deserves more press


I'm confused.

I am a member of the Arizona Women's Lacrosse Team (11-1) and I would like to know what it takes to get positive and thorough coverage of our successes. We greatly appreciate the minimal coverage that we have received, but it is baffling to me that this past weekend we played back to back winning home games against Occidental (14-5) and Whittier (11-8) and we simply received a photo (April 4) with an inaccurate caption and no mention of our second win, while another Arizona male club team received a full-out article (April 4) about a loss and an upcoming game. There is an obvious inequality in your coverage of women's sports. I hope that in the future you will recognize this terrible inequality and rectify it.

Claire M. Ostrovsky

Captain/Treasurer AZ Women's Lacrosse

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