Misleading Spring Fling advertisement angers Tucson mother


On Monday, April 3, I received in the mail a flyer from Domino's Pizza which included a promotion for Spring Fling. I called the hotline number and a Spring Fling representative mentioned "Wristband Night." She explained that for $15, a customer would be allowed to ride everything for free.

On Wednesday, April 5, I again called the hotline to find out where to purchase wristbands. The representative kindly stated that Fry's Food and Drug Stores was the only place. I asked about children for "Wristband Night" and, I was told "children under 12 are free."

At Fry's, I picked up a flyer which states "Children under 12 free." To make certain, I asked the Fry's clerk, "Are children under 12 free?"

"Yes, children under 12 are free for everything," the clerk happily stated as she took my $30 for two wristbands I and my daughter would use.

On Thursday evening, April 6, when I entered Spring Fling, the gate attendant stated, "Your little boy will need a wristband."

I was not happy. I only had checks, no guarantee or debit cards to get cash from the ATM. I asked to speak to someone in authority. I was directed to a security representative to whom I explained the chain of events. He directed me to a ticket booth representative, to whom I again explained, who directed me to a ticket booth director, Brian Schwartz, to whom I again explained. I asked if I could buy another wristband with a check. His answer was a flat "NO." Then he directed me to the hotline director, Steve, to whom I again explained the chain of events to no end.

Lastly, I asked to speak to the accounting director, John Alan Beaver, to whom I again explained. He offered to take my name and address and send the cost, $30, to me within a week. I explained that I did not trust him to fulfill that promise and that I wanted my money now. I did not go to Fry's for two wristbands and ask for Spring Fling address so I could be sent my $30 refund "within a week." I had to lay my money down to get the wristbands. I felt, and continue to feel, that I should have been able to buy another wristband with a check, or given an immediate refund for both wristbands.

I have received false information concerning the "Wristband Night" event. This was to be my 13-year-old daughter's birthday gift and we all enjoy amusement rides. I was led to believe that for $30, the discount price for two wristbands, I, my 13-year-old and my 11-year-old would be admitted and be able to ride everything.

The Spring Fling advertisement is misleading. The Spring Fling hotline does not provide complete information. This is a horrible way to do business. Although the rules may be to not refund money, there could be exceptions, especially in this case. No retail business would be allowed to advertise and perform in this manner. I will be telling people not to go to Spring Fling!

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