History teacher thanked by students

To whom it may concern:

It is standard practice at most academic institutions for professors to provide letters of recommendation for their favored students. As students at the University of Arizona, we would like to deviate from this tradition by writing a letter of recommendation for one of our most prized teachers: Patrick Miller, assistant professor of history.

Dr. Miller has earned the respect and admiration of his pupils through hard work and dedication. He is a brilliant scholar, an approachable leader and an outstanding individual. His presentations are educational because they are thought-provoking and original. The workload is challenging, yet rewarding. He incorporates various historiographical works into his courses, so that his students can develop their own assumptions through critical thinking and analysis. He respects each student's opinion and encourages them to substantiate it through classroom discourse. Unlike most undergraduate professors, Dr. Miller wants to know what you think, not just what you have memorized.

Dr. Miller's excellence is not limited solely to his instructional abilities. He is also a great advisor and role model. Whenever possible, Dr. Miller attempts to get to know his students on a first name basis. He cares why you are here and where you plan to go next . because he genuinely wants to help you get there. Whether you are an "A" or a "C" student, he always demands your best effort and helps you to move to a higher level. For this he has earned our respect and affection.

Dr. Miller is a valued teacher, mentor and friend. He will be deeply missed. We wish him the best of luck in all of his future endeavors. We know that this university is losing a tremendous treasure by letting him go. His heart is in the right place and we appreciate his efforts on our behalf. We are privileged to have shared in his talents.


The letter was signed by 37 students.

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