Overglorified law enforcers spit on the human spirit


I couldn't resist responding to the fellow who wrote lamenting a ticket ("Don't lock your bicycle to a tree," April 6) he received for the heinous crime of chaining his bicycle to a tree (which, as anyone can tell you, is a pure unadulterated example of moral turpitude).

The writer was aghast, writhing in fury over the irrelevance of the ticket . I say to him: Get used to the feeling! Your life is going to be filled with encounters of this sort. The world is bursting at the seams with daunting, irrepressible, pseudo-law enforcement types who feel it is their duty to hold every living creature they encounter to the letter of the law, no matter how trivial. Now a sane, rational person might retort: Those people entrusted with dispensing justice are trained to be fair and evenhanded, with fiduciary obligations to uphold the spirit of the law...

Ha, they spit on the spirit! They revel and bask in the glory that self-aggrandizing acts of petty authority endows upon them. They will not sleep until every single law has been enforced, every act of impropriety confronted and all perpetrators bow in contrition.

But I digress . it seems you struck a chord with your predicament. Maybe I'd better stop this reckless banter before someone writes me ticket for having a runaway opinion.

Brad Wilcox

MIS/CSc junior

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