America has 'lost sight of its own' people


I committed the most mortal sin that could possibly exist. It was Good Friday and I sat and made a glutton of myself while I witnessed a homeless man pick through the garbage at a fast food restaurant. The manager of the restaurant asked the gentleman to leave, after he had finished his newly-found lunch of stale french fries with ranch dressing. I was very disturbed by the fact that I was able to watch this guy while I stuffed my face. I became sick to my stomach. I tried to justify my actions by watching others ignore the same gentleman, but I could not find any salvation. I have no excuse for my lack of action, but I believe that we, as a people, need to take part in a little introspection.

The United States has become the big brother of the World, but while America has kept an eye on everyone around the globe. We seem to of lost sight of our own. Where should the line be drawn? Something is wrong in America, when an individual is on strike because his annual salary, which is greater than that of a small town, is not enough. Or when people drive around in vehicles worth more than what most large families earn in a year. Am I the only one that finds these observations disturbing? I would like to know.

Todd Okray

Criminal Justice Junior

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