An article published April 10 (“Classrooms get makeover”) covered the University's goal of giving the classrooms a make-over. The plan calls for $10 million to be spent over the next five years. These renovations cause me great concern for those with special needs. Since I began attending the University of Arizona, it has come to my attention that there is great lack of concern for people with special needs. We should all be able to get an education without undue hassles over age, sex, height, religion, etc. There is one area which I feel needs to be attended to — the leftist. Statistically 10 to 15 percent of the population is left-handed according to the Left-handed International Organization. I feel that the university seems to forget what a nuisance this can be in a right-handed world.

I attend large lecture sessions for my engineering classes and I am forced to look at the board skew relative to my right-handed counterparts. This prejudice bothers me, when all of my right-handed counterparts are not forced into this predicament. If right handers think its unfair when they can't sit in the front, try having to sit in the back and off-center because there are already four left-handed people and six or seven right-handed people occupying the left-handed seats. When the university revamps the classrooms I hope it takes into account those of with “special needs” and actually installs an all left-handed row rather than column. On a final note, if you aren't left-handed, please don't take a left-handed desk.

Thank you for your time,

Aaron Roberts

Electrical Engineering Sophomore

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