77’s release: box of real rock gems

By Joshua Dalton

Arizona Daily Wildcat


1 2 3

Via Records

The wait is over. Rock, pop, synth, impossible-to-pigeon-hole gods, the 77’s have, at long last, released 1 2 3. Affectionately rabid fans of “the Sevens” have been longing for the collection of demos and the band’s first three albums, previously unavailable on CD, for just under five years.

1 2 3 contains over 200 minutes of pure rock, dancing pop, and sorrowful ballads. Disc one, Ping Pong Over the Abyss, is crammed with Led Zeppelin-influenced rock/blues that is also reminiscent of Big Star.

All Fall Down, disc two, opens up with the eerie yet boppy “Ba, Ba, Ba, Ba.” And if the rest of the disc sounded like the screech of the Emergency Broadcast System, All Fall Down would be redeemed by “Ba, Ba, Ba, Ba.” But happily, the rest of All Fall Down is far from an annoying screech. It contains 15 songs that combine bop and rock, with a cover of the Velvet Underground’s “Jesus” thrown in for good measure.

The real reward for shelling out $50 for 1 2 3 comes in disc three, the self-titled Island Records release. The 77’s most memorable songs are here, from “Do it For Love," to the mournful “The Lust, the Flesh, the Eyes, and the Pride of Life.”

The 77’s boast of a career that spans over 13 years. 1 2 3 is a terrific chronicle of the first and least-known five that will undoubtedly please long-time faithfuls and 77’s virgins alike.

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