National rave to feature local talent

By Michael Eilers

Arizona Daily Wildcat

Tucson, brace yourself Legacy is coming to town. Billed as "a MAD, MAD dance happening" featuring 14 disc jockeys, three dance floors, a huge video wall and thousands of watts of sound, Legacy will bring the Los Angeles/London rave scene to Tucson this Saturday night. All those fliers being distributed out on the Mall should add up to a party with over 2,000 crazed dancers.

For the uninitiated, a "rave" is a huge dance party with thunderous music at frantic tempos, accompanied by light shows and gyrating bodies. The European rave scene traveled west with the music, transforming from underground, illegal drug fests into huge, commercial events featuring the latest in music and technological toys. Rave music is a technology-oriented sound based on recorded samples, electronic beats, and thumping bass, impro-

vised and assembled by the DJs.

Legacy is being put together by Vibal Funktions, a group of local students and community members who have connections to the music scene.

Funktions member Chagai Bolle emphasized the use of local talent. "We have 14 DJs spinning tunes in three rooms, and all of them are local, they play at Club Congress and the others," he said. "The DJ is like a god of the dance floor he has absolute control over the tempo, the energy level, and the mood of the crowd," Bolle adds. "Most companies would spend a huge amount of money on some out-of-town DJ, but we wanted to show Tucson what kind of talent we have here."

These local DJs and two live performers will spin a wide variety of musical styles, from popular house/dance sounds to the many permutations of that musical genre including acid house, breakbeat, trance, and acid jazz. Varying from hip-hop styles to mind-melting walls of sound, the only unifying factors will be a high energy level and massive volume.

Legacy and Vibal Functions came together through a circle of friends. Theo Panousopoulos, performing as TrademarQ Theo, said that Legacy was the result of local teamwork and dedication. "Everything was connected, over e-mail, voice mail, friends, it all came together like magic."

In keeping with the "underground" tradition, the actual location of the rave will not be announced until the day of the show.

At $10 a head, tickets will be available at all Zips record stores, Itchy Foot Moe's, and the day of the show for $15. Ravers should call 321-VOID (321-8643) Saturday morning to find out where the rave will happen. All ages are welcome. Bring your earplugs.

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