Student thanks teachers


Congratulations to the UA Faculty Fellow Program, Dr. Pacheco and everyone else connected with the implementation of these awards. They’re long past due. As an undergraduate, a graduate and a staff employee of the University, I have worked with many fine professors who teach with their hearts and their minds, who truly care about their students as individuals, and, who have dedicated their lives to the process. They publish, they teach, they commit their time and resources to their students. Often as not, they have not devoted the time to campus politics necessary to escalate careers, but have spent this time with students and for that we thank them. My thanks to many fine teachers, without whom my continued personal and professional development would be impossible, with a very special thank you to Dr. Tom Holm in the American Indian Studies Department. While being central to my intellectual development, he serves as guide, mentor and friend.

Another thank you is in order to Dr. Holm and the professors who work so diligently with the learning disabled undergraduate population I serve in my present staff position. Among these are Dr. Jim Lasalle, MIS; Dr. Richard Cosgrove, History; Jim Patten, journalism; and Allan Mathias, soils and water. Thank you all.

J. Diane Pearson

American Indian Studies Grad Student

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