Pantera’s lead man sued for assault

The Associated Press

DARIEN, N.Y. — A contrite Phillip Anselmo, lead singer of the metal band Pantera, apologized to a security guard in court for hitting him during a concert last year.

‘‘I’m unbelievably sorry,’’ Anselmo told Joseph Lewis on Tuesday. ‘‘If that happened to me, I’d settle for a beer and handshake. I didn’t mean to hit anybody in the head, for God’s sake.’’

Anselmo, 26, pleaded guilty in Darien Town Court to attempted assault. He was sentenced to 100 hours of community service and fined $500.

The singer was performing in Darien, about 30 miles east of Buffalo, last June when he hit Lewis in the head with a microphone. Authorities said the blow knocked Lewis unconscious and Lewis said he lost one month’s work.

Lewis is suing Anselmo, the band and its record company, East-West Records and owner Time Warner for $1 million dollars, accusing them of negligence.

‘‘I still don’t know why he hit me. This was intentional — no doubt in my mind,’’ said Lewis, who lives in Rochester.

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — One millionaire’s junk can be a day’s entertainment.

At least 100 treasure hunters swarmed a salvage company and picked through the garage of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate Tuesday, when truckloads of trinkets went on sale.

The developer is opening a private club at the mansion soon. His more elegant belongings were auctioned by Christie’s last month in New York.

The stuff sold Tuesday included an arched window that went for $90 and a 3 1/2-foot plastic Santa Claus that sold for $110.

‘‘Fifty percent wouldn’t pick this stuff up if it were lying in the street,’’ said shopper Arnie Dorfeld. ‘‘But it’s good entertainment for a Tuesday morning.’’

LOS ANGELES — Peter Horton, who played sensitive guy Gary Shepherd on ‘‘thirtysomething,’’ shows his tender side in his directorial debut, a movie about AIDS called ‘‘The Cure.’’

‘‘We did not make a movie about a boy dying of AIDS,’’ Horton said in Wednesday’s editions of the Daily News of Los Angeles. ‘‘We made a movie about a boy who has AIDS who, through his friendship with his next-door neighbor, is able to have a childhood, a period of normalcy as a kid.’’

The movie opens Friday. It tells the story of two boys, one with the virus, who set out to conjure up a cure, leading to a Huck Finn-like odyssey down the Mississippi River.

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