UA students praised


This is in response to Jon Burstein's column of April 18 ("Faculty members deserve recognition") in which he gives some recognition to some UA professors. In the past, he has brought to our attention that staff need to be recognized also. We staffers certainly appreciated his comments. I would like to point out that many students are also deserving of recognition.

For five years I worked in BPA and had the honor during that time of meeting and helping hundreds of graduate and undergraduate students. Most of them were very appreciative of any help I could give them. I still have many memories of them, as well as gifts they gave me in appreciation of my help. One especially fond memory was of the graduate student that expected to graduate that spring. The deadline was here, and I didn't find any evidence that he has filed the proper papers to graduate. I called his house and left him a message to get the paperwork in that day, then went to lunch. On my return I found the paperwork on my desk with a note of thanks, and a DOZEN RED ROSES! How nice!

Many of "my" students still keep in touch, and I'm proud to say many of them have wonderful jobs and are doing terrific things.

Joyce Baum

Administrative Associate

University Animal Care

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