Coffee achiever jittery about Wildcat article


The article "Searching for the Perfect Grind" (April 21) was unfortunately written by a couple of individuals who may be decent journalists, but who are obviously not coffee critics. While I disagree with MOST of the articles from Laura Ingalls, I usually can at least respect her point of view. This time, however, she's dead wrong. First, she and her accomplice, Greg, slam Coffee Etc. for having too much of a "sideshow," shall we say? From a direct quote in their article, "I don't want to have to walk through a mall to get coffee." This quote was from Wildcat music editor Noah Lopez (which was used as a supporting viewpoint), and was directly contradicted in the review of Cuppocino's, in which Laura states "the fact that it's situated right in the middle of a strip mall give(s) me a 'drink and get out' feeling." First a complaint, now a compliment. Which is it, Laura?

Secondly, in her review of Cup Cafe, Laura says, "If it is open 24 hours, it would get all the money I pump into Denny's." The obvious problem there is that anyone who spends THAT much time at Denny's clearly cannot be relied upon as a credible connoisseur of any eating establishment. True, I too have done my time at Denny's, but that was long ago, when I was a junior in high school. Having frequented most of the coffee shops in Tucson, I find that next to Cuppocino's and Milagro Fine Coffees, Coffee Etc. is one of the top places around. Yes, at times you must wait up to half an hour to be seated, but come on, if you're out THAT late then either there isn't going to be a wait, or you shouldn't really care anyway because you obviously have nowhere better to be. For those of us who are serious caffeine addicts and who walk around each day with either a cup of coffee or a Mt. Dew, it is refreshing to find places like Coffee Etc. where the variety of flavors are virtually impossible of driving you to boredom, and where a person can arrive at 1 a.m. and reside until the rising of the sun forces them back to their coffins. For those who have the ability to get wired from Denny's coffee, my hat is off to you and I hope you can remain a kid forever.

Chris Alexander

English Junior'

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