Student honors top teachers


As an Interdisciplinary Studies major graduating in May, I have had the opportunity to take a wide range of courses at the UA. I would therefore like to respond to Jon Burstein's request ("Faculty members deserve recognition," April 18) for letters discussing outstanding professors here. My all-star list is as follows, and I urge anyone to take course work from them if possible:

Dr. William Grimes, Biochemistry

Dr. Martinez J. Hewlett, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Dr. Phillip C. Keller, Chemistry

Dr. James F. Lassalle, Management and Information Systems

Dr. Jon Solomon, Classics

Dr. Gerald J. Swanson, Economics

Dr. Mary L. Zampini, Spanish

These people, along with my research professor, Dr. Kathy McGovern, cannot be given enough credit. My education here at UA has been both thorough and inspiring, and has opened tremendous opportunities for me (I'll tell that to "60 Minutes" anytime).

I am sure that for every professor I named, there are countless others that are constantly making a difference in students' lives. I urge them all to continue in a system that often fails to recognize their hard work. You are appreciated.

Ara Feinstein

Interdisciplinary Studies Senior

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