Sixth grader argues Daughters Day discriminates


I am a sixth grade student at Esperero Canyon Middle School and a member of the Student Council there. I am also the son of two University of Arizona employees. My father brought home the announcement about Daughters Day last week. I remember that last year I was angry about the opportunities made available to the daughters of the workers on campus, but I figured that this year you would make those opportunities available to sons. When I saw this year's program announcement, I was very unhappy. I think it is unfair that the university is providing opportunities for girls and none for boys. It seems to me that that is discrimination! Boys deserve the opportunity to have fun learning about such interesting activities on campus as the Virtual Reality.

I spend a lot of time on campus participating in excellent programs for kids. I have attended a Fine Arts Camp and Chemistry camp for two years, and many of the Flandrau programs for kids. I plan to attend some this summer too. These are excellent programs that will help me to achieve my goals.

I hope that the university will stop this discriminatory activity and have a Daughters and Sons Day next year, or even sooner, to make up for keeping us out. It is one thing to give girls an opportunity because people feel that women and minorities have been disadvantaged over time, but it is another thing to disadvantage boys to make up for past history! Why not have Family Day instead? Maybe that would encourage better working relationships between boys and girls and men and women.

Brian Crano

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