Religious faith provided student direction


As a graduating senior at the University of Arizona, I can look back on my four years here and say that I have truly enjoyed reading the Arizona Daily Wildcat. While I have not always agreed with the opinions of various members of the student body, their thoughts and ideas in the Letters to the Editor section have always kept me picking up one more copy.

Before leaving this university, I would like to take a moment to share with all of you the basis of my life. I have found true joy, peace and love through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. My desire is not to tell you of the manifestations of religion in society, whether good or bad, but tell you how the Lord our God has changed my life. Quite simply, God has provided me with more than I ever thought possible.

These feelings of love, peace and joy I have are based on my faith in Jesus Christ. My faith is based on the fact or our risen savior, Jesus Christ. He is desiring to provide to you what he has provided to me. The grace of God abounds around us. It is freely given, and all we need to do is accept the gift.

If you are searching, I encourage you to speak with one of your Christian friends, a local church or one of the many Christian groups here on campus (Campus Crusade for Christ, the Baptist Student Union...). Jesus Christ loves you and wants to have a personal relationship with you.

Peace of Christ to you!

Charlotte K. Albertson

Animal Sciences Senior

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