Artist Matuschka receives award from cancer center

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CAMBRIDGE, Mass. Matuschka, the artist and model who showed her mastectomy scar on a New York Times Magazine cover, won praise from a support group for cancer patients.

Since being diagnosed with breast cancer and having surgery in 1991, Matuschka has depicted her body in sculptures and photographs to raise consciousness about the disease.

The magazine published a self-portrait of Matuschka with her scar bared in August 1993.

The Wellness Community of Greater Boston presented her with its Gilda Radner Award on Monday. The organization was founded in 1982 and provides free psychological and social support for cancer patients and their families in seven states.

Radner, who died of ovarian cancer in 1989, was active in the group's Santa Monica, Calif., chapter.

NEW YORK Sharon Stone recommends a ''her and me'' approach to handling the limelight.

The actress shared her thoughts on the price of fame with Barbara Walters for a television special Tuesday night.

''The way that I've kept my sanity through the course of change in my life is to think of it as her and me,'' Stone said. ''Her as Sharon Stone in the public image. And I often think they don't see me.''

Walters also interviewed other

celebrities, who offered these thoughts:

Eddie Murphy: ''I guess I'm a little more paranoid than I used to be, socially and emotionally. Success and power kind of isolates you.''

Roseanne: ''I remember when I used to go clean houses ... I'll always be a working-class person.''

LOUISVILLE, Ky. Barbara Bush has a sermon, and she's proud of it.

''My No. 1 cause now and forever is literacy,'' the former first lady said in a speech Monday. ''I still strongly believe that if we had more people reading, writing and comprehending we could be much closer to solving some of the many other problems we have today.''

Mrs. Bush, a best-selling author and longtime literacy advocate, was in Louisville to receive an award from the National Center for Family Literacy.

''I've spoken to 25 groups since the first of the year and none of them have been spared my literacy sermon. I've told them to turn off their TVs and read to their children, or to have quiet time where everyone reads his or her book,'' she said.

NEW YORK It was research, plain and simple.

Demi Moore held hubby Bruce Willis' hand as topless dancers performed for them at a Manhattan club Saturday night, newspapers reported Tuesday.

Moore is cramming for her role as a stripper in ''Striptease,'' scheduled for shooting later this year. It was her fifth or sixth visit to the club Scores.

''She's been here enough times that now she knows a few of the girls by name,'' an unidentified spokesman told New York Newsday.

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