KAMP radio could be a major force in the future


It has been brought to my attention that in the past week KAMP student radio has received its AM antenna and is anticipating the installation of the antenna in the up-and-coming months. Looking forward to KAMP being on AM, there are a few issues that need to be addressed.

It is in my opinion that there is a large amount of students at the University of Arizona who either care less about, or take for granted that they have a college radio station. College radio is highly under estimated, KAMP has unfortunately fallen subject to these types of views.

It is in my opinion that KAMP can, potentially, be the voice of the students that attend this university. I feel that many of the university students are unaware of the advantages that a college radio station has to offer. A college radio station is a medium with which a student can voice his or her opinions without reservations. A station where you can find: news, sports, concert events, tips for an adventurous night life, and the buzz of new music, as well as, local music not currently available in the Tucson area.

There are many colleges and universities that do not have the luxury of having a student-run and operated radio station. The University of Arizona has its hidden gem and it's KAMP. Students should get involved with KAMP for its educational purposes, the opportunities for real-life experience in a fully functioning broadcast medium, and if for no other reason, to preserve the voice of the University of Arizona student body.

KAMP has always had the potential to be the most resounding voice that this campus has to offer. With the installation of KAMP's antenna, I believe that KAMP will be a driving force in Tucson that the students of the university should not ignore.

Kevin B. Robbins

KAMP Station Manager

Media Arts Major

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