Activist is a political target


In response to the March 29 article "Activist violates probation":

All too rare is the person who speaks for freedom and walks for justice, who "walks the walk and talks the talk." The construction of the telescope monument to Columbus on Mt. Graham by the UA is clearly a immoral and cruel act. Perhaps we all need to stop and think of what would happen if the Dave Hodges of the world were sent to jail. Clearly, Hodges is a political target and may soon become a political prisoner. His unoriginal arrest in 1992 was part of a well-documented government infiltration of anti-telescope groups. The threat that he may go to jail, should stand as a beacon of inspiration to all those who know of corruption at the UA and remain silent. We must not allow those who speak against injustice to become imprisoned, not now, not ever.

For freedom!

Michael Schwartz

UA Alumni

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