Starflyer 59's new disc radiates cool

By Joshua Dalton

Arizona Daily Wildcat

If bands were judged on fashion sense and grooming, Starflyer 59 would be on the top of the heap. With bowl cuts and sweaters and sideburns, they radiate cool. As if that weren't enough, they play music to match. Their blend of surfer-rock and metal, mixed with a dash of Manchester Brit-pop makes them a band not be missed by fans of the Pixies, My Bloody Valentine, or The Jesus and Mary Chain. At 22, Jason Martin (lead singer/guitarist) and his band have a lot going for them. Given an opportunity to talk with Martin, the Wildcat snatched it up.

Wildcat: Rumor has it that you guys have a new album in the works. Can you confirm that?

Jason Martin: Yeah, we're mixing it right now.

W.C.: What does it sound like?

J.M.: It's a metal album. That's pretty much it. It's metal. It's a mix of Black Sabbath, Journey and the Beach Boys.

W.C.: That's a fairly odd mix.

J.M.: Yeah, I guess. But, you know, it's got metal riffs, surfer riffs, and stuff that sounds like an early '80s album.

W.C.: You have been compared to the Pixies and Smashing Pumpkins. Is that something you are proud of?

J.M.: Yeah, I've always liked the Pixies and they definitely influence our guitars. You know, some people ask what a band's influences are and it's like I wasn't even alive. But with the Pixies, I was alive for the entire time they were cool.

W.C.: Besides the Pixies, who are some of your other influences?

J.M.: Early Daniel Amos, The Shaded Pain album by L.S.U., basically stuff I like that I felt like incorporating. If I like a song, so be it. If its Paula Abdul, all right. That song "Sleepwalkers" by Santo and Johnny, that ballad everyone on Earth has heard, that's somewhere in every song I've ever written.

W.C.: If it's not a touchy subject, what happened in the split with Dance House Children?

J.M.: I wanted to play more guitars, and he didn't. So, I made this Starflyer demo and the guy from Tooth and Nail said that he wanted to sign us. We hadn't even played a show, so it was pretty cool.

W.C.: Then there is no animosity there between you and your brother?

J.M.: No, not at all. In fact, his new band Joy Electric played a show Saturday and I played guitar for him.

W.C.: What religion do you practice and how much does that come out in your lyrics?

J.M.: Christian and not enough. Most of my songs are just about bumming over a girl. I grew up in a Christian family too, so I don't have a hard luck story to write about.

W.C.: Is there one thing that you want the Wildcat readers to know about Starflyer 59?

J.M.: That we serve Jesus Christ our lord and savior and we are born-again and that's it.

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