Recycling efforts yield timely gift

By Joseph Altman Jr.

Arizona Daily Wildcat

It's about time.

When people want to know what time it is, they usually look at the nearest clock unless it's the clock tower on top of the Student Union.

The clock tower has been stuck at 2:59 or 3:59, depending on which side you look at, since Abel Duffy climbed to its top in protest of the Mt. Graham telescope project last February, but it will soon be ticking again.

Sharon Aller, University of Arizona recycling coordinator, said the Recycling Office decided to fix the clock in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of Earth Day, which is April 22.

The office is spending $2,900 of revenue received from recycling white paper to purchase replacement parts.

Aller said the parts have been ordered from the Elderhorse Bells company in Pennsylvania, and should arrive Friday. Then it's only a matter of time before the repair work is done.

"This is the campus's gift to itself, because if we weren't recycling, we wouldn't have the money to get this fixed," Aller said.

She said the cost of fixing the clock equals the amount received from recycling white paper during February.

The Recycling Office has planned the presentation of environmental awards on April 20. The awards will honor people on campus who have done "very positive things to reduce office waste," Aller said.

The Recycling Office will also hold an Earth Day celebration on April 21.

Aller said the event will be very pro-active, allowing students to sign up to join environmental groups and also sign a petition protesting "the gutting of environmental laws."

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