What to do, not to do traveling through Mexico


Think safety first. Look out for yourself and your friends.

Travel by plane. From experience, the excitement of the trip makes the 17-hour ride somewhat fun. But the way back seems twice as long. Take the bus only if you: a) need to save money, and b) think that you can brave it. It's not for those who get motion sickness.

Avoid eating at hole-in-the-wall taco stands. No, don't be looking for marks in the walls, but just imagine the worst street-side hot dog stand in downtown Manhattan and then think if it could possibly be worse.

When it comes to spending money, try to use traveler's checks.


Don't drink the water. Yes, it's a cliche, but you should buy bottled water and save yourself any worry about bacteria sickness.

Don't do anything stupid or illegal (i.e. avoid fights and trouble). Realize it's their country not yours.

Don't impress your friends with all the insults you can remember in Spanish. Not the time, nor the place.

Along the same lines don't make questionable gestures and shout 'NAFTA this!'

Don't incite the tempers of students from other universities with remarks such as 'Gee, Arizona sure beat up on your school's team pretty badly. What was the score, again?'

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