Fair-weather fans should give up tickets


I am writing because I am sick and tired of listening to people like Patrick Moran ("Pro bowl disputes myth" Feb. 8 ) complain about how bad our basketball team is. Mr. Moran typifies the bandwagon fans that reside here in Tucson. Mr. Moran and the rest of the complainers will jump back on the wagon and say how great we are when we are at the Final Four. I don't know what games he's watching but did he forget about some guy, I believe it's Ray Owes, who averaged a double-double against Washington schools? What about Corey Williams who has the best three-point percentage on the team? This team obviously relies on the greatness of Stoudamire, but so do all great teams. Just like Michael Jordan made the Bulls better, with a great supporting cast, Stoudamire does the same. If he doesn't like watching our team why doesn't he give up his tickets to somebody who does?

Joe Atamian

Political Science Senior

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