Budget bypasses Trujillo to approval

By Christie S. Peterson

Arizona Daily Wildcat

The $130,000 ASUA Additional Bookstore Revenue Budget was presented amid favorable responses to the Central Coordinating Council Wednesday evening but not by President T.J. Trujillo.

In a memorandum dated Monday, Trujillo expressed his approval of the budget, but refused to submit it to the CCC unless the recent Associated Students of the University of Arizona Supreme Court case brought against him by the Graduate and Professional Student Council was retracted and provisions were created in the student government constitution to avoid such conflicts in the future.

When Trujillo was unable to attend Wednesday's CCC meeting because of "personal and academic issues," vice president of Programs and Services Anndrea Kawamura acted in his place and submitted the supplementary budget.

The budget, which was approved by the Budgetary Advisory Committee on Monday, was forwarded to the Undergraduate Senate and GPSC for final approval amid scattered applause.

Undergraduate Senator David Bizak said that further delay in the presentation of the budget, which has been expected for over a month, "might stunt some ... activities already planned," such as club projects and the purchase of a new KAMP student radio transmitter.

Senator Ethan Orr also said the money in question was not ASUA's money to spend, but was "students' money that needs to be invested" for the betterment of the campus.

GPSC President Mitzi Forbes said earlier in the week that Trujillo was the only roadblock to the budget's passage, and that, "We're all waiting for him."

Trujillo was unavailable for comment following the meeting.

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