Common sense needed when alcohol is present


I think it's time we had some real education on why sexual assaults have become a problem on campus (and every other university around the country) so we all can understand how to prevent it. Don't think for a second that two indictments are going to relieve this problem. Although administrators like Melissa Vito might be "happy," it's not because she feels that this problem is controlled, it's because it looks like she has done something in the public's eye; but all she has done is saved her job.

The catchy little phrase "no means no" is just another meaningless, politically correct phrase that does as well as "just say no to drugs." With most social interactions between men and women involving alcohol, we should concentrate on how to act in these situations. Let's face it, alcohol is and always will be an integral part of college social activities. Men must understand that if a girl has been drinking (even one beer) and they have sexual intercourse, he has committed a crime. This is because even if she has consented, her judgement due to alcohol was impaired and by law men are responsible. Does this let the woman off the hook? Do they not have the same rights as men and should not be held responsible for their actions? Make the conclusions you want but the law states women cannot and do not have to be responsible for themselves. So guys you have to think twice about having one-night stands with girls you just meet when you've both been drinking. You could easily have the police knocking on your door the next morning.

Women, if your judgment becomes clouded when you drink, then you should be concerned. You could potentially be putting yourself in unsafe situations, like getting into cars and going into guy's rooms you don't even know by yourself. Not smart because you could end up doing something that at the time when you were drunk seemed OK, only to regret it in the morning. Also, what ever happened to the buddy system? You girls surely won't go to the bathroom alone. Why go alone into a guy's room whom you don't even know?

Let's face it, men and women are equally responsible for their actions, but when alcohol is involved everyone (men and women) wants to blame the alcohol. Isn't it about time we start blaming ourselves? We are all adults now, aren't we?

Al Nucci

Psychology Junior

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