Memo to ASUA─ Stop your pettiness

For the past week, the campus community has borne witness to the sorry political maneuverings up in the ASUA offices. ASUA Supreme Court cases. A stolen memo. Locking the offices. Name-calling. Finger-pointing. The Graduate Professional Student Council blames ASUA President Trujillo for the mess. Trujillo blames GPSC. Wow, what a lot of petty stupidness that no one besides the junior politicos care about.

First of all, a memorandum was allegedly stolen from Trujillo's desk. It is sad to think that someone supposedly working for the students would pilfer things from other people's desk. Whoever took the memo from Trujillo's desk should come forward and take responsibility for his/her actions. The GPSC representatives who were given the unreleased memorandum should reveal their source. Accepting a stolen memo is almost as bad stealing it to begin with.

GPSC officials aren't the only ones misbehaving. C'mon T.J., threatening to lock up the ASUA offices is no solution to the problems ─ it only creates divisiveness.

President Trujillo has been looking into new ways of using the ASUA Additional Bookstore Revenue. ASUA and GPSC officials are concerned that the student's money needs to be invested. It is clear that both parties are trying to act in the best interests of the student body, but powerplays and personal squabbling are getting in their way. Forget the ASUA Supreme Court suits. Forget threatening to lock up the offices. The elected officials, that supposedly represent the student body, should sit down and iron out these problems themselves.

Most of the student body has little or no contact with ASUA. Last year, 1,449 students of the nearly 35,000 student body population voted. Some members of GPSC were elected with only one or two votes. Why don't students take student-body elections seriously? If the childish antics of the past week are any indicator.

While the in-fighting between elected officials goes on, departments are getting cut. While the in-fighting is going on, decisions about core curriculum are being made. While the in-fighting is going on, ASUA and GPSC elected officials are not addressing issues that affect the student body as a whole.

Get over this budgetary hub-bub and get on with the real business at hand.

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