ASUA programs running smoothly


As a student, a representative of ASUA and the vice-president of Programs and Services, I'd like to personally apologize to my fellow students for the apparent state of their student government at the present time. Although the recent flurry of articles in the Arizona Daily Wildcat have alluded to rampant disarray, I want to reassure the campus community that the majority of areas in ASUA are functioning as usual. The Escort Service, CARE and Legal Services are running smoothly and this week BGALA was busy with Awareness Week, SHAC sold out of condom roses and Speaker's Board brought Dr. Roger Libby to campus, not to mention ISA's Culture Cafe on Chechnya last week.

Despite the political brouhaha that has made the front page for the past few days, behind the scenes other students who are dedicated to their responsibility of organizing events and providing services are working daily to ensure that if and when the additional funding is allocated, it will be spent to directly benefit students. Be rest assured that even though some of us are in the paper as conflicting bureaucratic politicians with nothing better to do, there are more of us that are fulfilling the promises we made last May; the promises to improve the University of Arizona for you the students and the promises we made to ourselves to be honorable and diligent public servants.

I'd like to thank all of the Programs and Services directors for their hard work and patience in all of the mess. And, I'd like to encourage everyone to voice your anger or disgust or even pleasure at your student government by voting in the upcoming ASUA elections.

Anndrea S. Kawamura

ASUA Vice President of Programs and Services

Anthropology Senior

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