Delta Chi unfairly labeled


I would like to set things straight for all the people who do not understand why we (Delta Chi) were declared inactive last semester. The Delta Chi fraternity was removed from the University of Arizona's campus last semester because of misunderstandings between the executive board of Delta Chi, Greek Life, the University of Arizona Police Department and the dean of students. This misunderstanding began when our Halloween party involving two other fraternities and three other sororities was moved to our house from the Beta Theta Phi fraternity. The moving of the party was considered an illegal act and therefore we were put on probation for the Homecoming events. The executive board of Delta Chi was then notified that we (Delta Chi) were not to participate in Homecoming events, which included our alumni and the tent that they had planned to set up on the Mall. Delta Chi violated these terms by having a tent for the alumni, only because of miscommunication between our alumni and the Greek Life coordinator's office. We were later notified in a meeting with the dean of students that we were being removed from the campus and that we could not apply for recognition for five years due to these violations. After further review of the facts that occurred within that one week period, the University of Arizona's dean of students and President Manuel T. Pacheco are reconsidering their decision.

Please note that the removal of Delta Chi had nothing to do with the ALLEGED rape that occurred last semester. I say ALLEGED because no one has even been charged with the crime. I and the other 119 members of Delta Chi are sick of being labeled as rapists. We are not rapists, nor do we condone such actions. I would like to quote Delta Chi's Vice-President Chad Becker, "It is honorable, courageous and necessary to fight against a social problem such as sexual assault, but not at the expense of the innocent." Rape is a horrible act and just like the innocent victims of rape do not deserve the pain that it inflicts, the innocent who were not involved do not deserve to be called rapists.

Sexual assault is a huge problem in the schools of the United States. It is not just a problem here at the University of Arizona. Nor is it just confined to the Greek community. It happens in the dorms, in school buildings and off campus. We must all work together to solve this problem and stop pointing the finger at one another!

Kent Wilson

Delta Chi Social Chairman

History Senior

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