Park Student Center restaurants disappointing


I'm a freshman, and as such, I live in the dorm and don't drive too much well, not much around town anyways. So when I need to eat, I like to go somewhere within walking distance, and since my parents are firm believers in the All-Aboard system, I go to the Garden Court. Since the Garden Court area has been changed, everything there has fallen apart. The new "Garden Court" is still full of the same old high-fat, high-cholesterol, foods which contributed to my first semester's 15 pounds which I'd like to forget. Now that I'm a little bit slimmer than I was, I'd like to think that this new takeover in my next-door food establishment would have some new, healthier foods. The new grocery store closes earlier, has less foods, and is really expensive. The restaurant is closed earlier, and on weekends, has lost its salad bar, and is more expensive! Where am I supposed to eat? There's only so many times I can go to Boston Chicken!

Kevin Whipps

Studio Art Freshman

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